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New Life Global Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2014 with its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Singapore. Our company’s core business is in the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of our own brand of hair loss products, hair+ lab. Our philosophy is focused on brand development and research technology. Combining Eastern and Western expertise, we aim to be a global pioneer in hair growth solutions.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years and are able to provide services from planning to implementation and on-site management in accordance with our clients' market objectives and marketing strategies, thus making your projects and promotions perform well. Assist customers to understand the scalp health knowledge to shape the company's brand image, help customers to achieve good social benefits, and successfully achieve the purpose of corporate publicity.

Headquarters incubation. Operational support: planning support: technical support: e-commerce technology: independently developed ERP software for advantageous management

Training staff: looking forward to your joining!

Join hair+lab to achieve the dream of quality life!

Franchisee requirements

  1. A certain investment ability and economic base
  2. Able to accept the business philosophy of “hair+lab”
  3. Willing to accept the training, guidance, and advertising and marketing suggestions of “hair+lab”
  4. Good social relations
  5. Willing to learn
  6. Multiplying the eternal spirit of hospitality through service

Let the hair+lab chain of institutions authorized franchisees to use let love have a home brand, in addition will be in the store site selection, market analysis, store management, product development, prop management, planning support, technical support, e-commerce technology, etc., combined with the specific circumstances of the franchisee, to give full support and service.

Site selection: by the headquarters of the professional staff responsible for site selection

Store decoration: unified decoration by the headquarters co-ordination, provide decoration party room

  • Click this link to download the Franchise Application Form
  • Click this link to download the Agent Application Form